For an underfloor heating system to be successful the design will play a major part.

Heat and Screed recognises and understand how vitally important designing an underfloor heating system to suit individual environments is.

We take into consideration all the factors that could have an impact. A flawed design will greatly impact the performance of your underfloor heating system and in extreme cases may not work at all.

Some of the factors we take into consideration when designing your underfloor heating including:

  • construction method and the materials used
  • location
  • exposure to winds (whether coastal areas or high ground)
  • orientation to the north
  • building insulation
  • any many others.

One of the most important steps is calculating the heat loss for each room and the house as entirety. Once we have this data the process of designing your underfloor heating can begin.

Heat and Screed adopt a flexible approach and are happy to add any customer specific requirements during the design stage.