It is imperative the sub base is properly prepared before pouring any liquid screed.
Heat and Screed ensure that any surface being screeded is well prepared.

Anhydrite screeds can be laid and boded directly to concrete floors, laid as a floating floor with a separating damp proof membrane (DPM) between the concrete and screed covering or, as is normally the case, laid on a damp proof membrane over ridged insulation to meet with building control requirements and/or the underfloor heating specifications. Anhydrite screeds can also be laid over specifically designed timber floor construction.

Once we have established the required height the screed is required we then set our tripods throughout the work area to that height using our state of the art laser level. This enables us to work to the nearest millimetre throughout the screed area offering a precise level of accuracy which greatly reduces the effort required by following trades such as tilers.

Heat and Screed are authorised Anhydrite installers. Anhydrite liquid screed is Very fast, easy to install and delivered ready-mixed.
Saving both labour and time, compared with traditional screeds, with no waste on site.

Anhydrite screeds are extremely quick and accurate to install, with one of our teams able to lay in excess of 2000m square in a single day. The screed will accept light traffic after 24 hours and accept loads and normal work traffic within 48 hours. These time scales greatly reduce lost time on site by following trades who would normally need to keep off traditional screeds for at least 1 working week.