Once the liquid screed has been laid it is important to remove any laitance from the surface. Failure to remove surface laitance will result in flaws in the final floor finish and cause adhesion issues.

Heat and Screed will carry out laitance removal once the screed has become solid usually between 3 to 7 days after laying the floor screed. This procedure will depend heavily on conditions within the building if the environment is damp or humid it is more than likely this time frame will be extended considerably.

We aim to remove the laitance as early as possible whilst it remains weak and friable. However if left there will be a delay to drying times and effective removal prove more problematic. Laitance removal involves sanding off the surface and we usually carry this out with an industrial orbital sander fitted with varying grades of carborundum to achieve the desired finish.

We apply a calcium sulphate compatible primer once the floor has completely dried to the recommended moisture levels and at which point a floor covering can be applied.