floor screeding contractors

Floor Screeding Contractors

Heat & Screed installation specialist floor screeding contractors who use innovative, pumped liquid screed. Providing a fast, efficient and precise floor cover. Liquid screed is perfect for underfloor heating systems as the screed will flow and encase around the pipes, creating a joint free finish

As industry leading specialists in the installation of liquid screed. Heat & Screed can cater for screeding projects of all sizes and provide a great solution when working in awkward and restricted areas, reducing damage risks.

Liquid screed is a new generation of screeding product that presents significant advantages over traditional methods. Benefits for today’s builder include: 100sqm of liquid screed laid in under 45 minutes and ready to walk on after 24/48 hours. No shrinking, cracking or curling. With its improved strength and durability, liquid screed can be laid to a lower depth, meaning less materials per job, therefore overall costs are reduced.

The increasing popularity of these high tech products is driven in part by the growing demand for under floor heating systems and the need to reduce our carbon foot print. Environmentally friendly products can also improve the chances of winning new building contracts from environmentally aware customers.

Heat & Screed fully understand the importance of timing and efficiency in a complex project. We ensure that our services meet the demands of your needs. Thanks to its high fluidity, self-compacting flow Screeding solutions allow you to get an exceptional flatness on any type of support whether it is concrete slabbing or wooden flooring

Through the removal of any unattractive seams in doorways and the middle of larger rooms it creates a more beautiful floor

For a free no obligation quote contact us for a quote today and you will discover the advantages liquid screeds can give you.