• Heat and Screed are specialist in the delivery of innovative, quick, economical and environmentally friendly Anhydrite liquid screed applications across the United Kingdom.
  • Fast & Efficient
    If you are looking for a superior environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sand and cement screed. Heat and Screed can supply you with a flooring solution that is quick and easy to install. Liquid screed is a better solution for use with under floor heating. Increased benefits include greater thermal conductivity and a greater reduction in energy bills. Liquid screeds are proven to be more cost effective than other types of screeds.
  • Approved
    Heat and Screed are approved installers of anhydrite liquid screed. Using specially designed screed pumps mean we can cater for projects of all sizes and provide the right solution for those awkward or restricted areas.
  • Professional
    Our team of approved professionals have years of practical experience in the application of liquid screed. We are approved installers for Anhydrite screeds.




It is imperative the sub base is properly prepared before pouring any liquid screed

Screed Levelling

Approved professionals with years of practical experience in the application of anhydrite screed

Laitance Removal

Failure to remove surface laitance will result in flaws in the final floor finish and cause adhesion issues


For an underfloor heating system to be successful the design will play a major part

Underfloor Heating Kits

Complete heating kits for your underfloor heating choose from electrical or water heated

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What is Anhydrite Liquid Screed

Anhydrite liquid screed is a new generation of environmentally friendly screeding products that gives greater advantages over traditional sand and cement screed.
In less than 1 hour in excess of 100sqm of liquid screed can be installed and ready to walk on after 24/48 hours (subject to drying environment). Compare this to traditional sand cement screed which has average of 72 hours approximate drying times.
Anhydrite liquid screed does not shrink, crack or curl, has superior strength and durability, liquid screed can also be installed to a lower depth, resulting in less materials per job, which means significant savings.
The popularity of Anhydrite liquid screed solutions is in part driven by the growing demand for under floor heating systems. And the need to reduce the reliance on fossil fuel and in turn our carbon foot print.
By being environmentally friendly and socially aware Heat and Screed solutions are designed to help improve our customers carbon footprint significantly.

Pumped Screed

Anhydrite liquid floor screeds are the latest in advanced technology screeding products. Anhydrite liquid screeding products are revolutionising the growing demand for underfloor heating systems. Anhydrite liquid floor screeds allow for faster installation, smoother, professionally levelled, screeds.
Heat and Screed are industry leading specialists in the installation of Anhydrite liquid screed. H&S can cater for screeding projects of all sizes and provide a great solution when working in awkward and restricted areas, reducing damage risks.
For over 20 years liquid floor screed has seen a significant growth in the UK. A key reason for this fantastic growth is the high quality floor finish liquid floor screed gives you, from the largest commercial projects to smaller self-build projects.

Underfloor Heating

    The advantages offered by underfloor heating including:

  • uniform room temperature,
  • comfort,
  • safety and
  • space saving..
    Anhydrite liquid screeds – which when combined with underfloor heating achieves maximum comfort and energy savings. Heat & Screed products offer many advantages over a traditional cement only based screed:

  • increased conductivity 
  • faster room heating and cooling 
  • homogenous heat delivery 
  • better heating efficiency 
  • +performance : up to 30% increase in thermal emission coefficient for maximized performance of underfloor heating
  • +comfort : up to 80% thermal diffusivity for a more responsive rise in temperature
  • +savings : up to 40% savings on the heating bill
  • + GREENER : with a 36% recycled content and 100% recyclable potential you can greatly reduce the carbon footprint of your project



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